YAJNAS Sri Ratna 100 ml Ayurvedic / Natural Pain Relief Oil for Knee, Shoulder and Muscular Pain, Arthritis Pain, Joint Pain, Back Pain, Upper Back Pain, Neck Pain, Sprains and Spasms (Pack of 3)

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  • AYURVEDA PAIN RELIEF: Enriched with the goodness of Ayurvedic herbs, Shri Ratna Pain relief Oil is a 100% natural pain relief oil for knee pain, arthritis pain, joint pain, back pain, upper back pain, neck pain, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, musculoskeletal stiffness and pain, sprains and spasms.
  • FAST ACTING PAIN RELIEVER: Shri Ratna Relief Oil enhances blood circulation by stimulating the nerves of the affected area resulting in faster healing. It reduces the stiffness and inflammation of the affected areas increases the lubrication of joints resulting in enhanced mobility; and provides strength to the ligaments and improves the health of the joints.
  • ENRICHED WITH THE TRADITIONAL CLASSICAL AYURVEDA PAIN OIL AND HERBS: ShriRatna Pain Relief Oil enriched with the goodness of highly effective Ayurvedic oils and Herbs-sesame oil Narayan Oil, Maha Vishagarbha Oil, Gandhapura oil, Mahamash Oil and Devdaru, Eranda, Nirgundi, sharshapa, Lanka, Moringa into one complete rejuvenating pain-relieving solution. These Ayurvedic oils strengthen joints, nerves, and muscles while offering quick relief from pain, reducing stiffness of the affected area.
  • HOW TO USE: Apply the oil and gently massage it on the affected area. Keep the area covered with a soft and dry cloth may give hot fomentation to get better result.
  • AUTHENTICITY AND PURITY IS THE KEY: Made by using Ayurvedic methods, Shri Ratna Pain relief Oil is an authentic, natural oil that enriched with the goodness of Ayurveda. Formulated from potent herbs and oils, this natural pain relief oil is out put of years long Clinical experience of Vaidyas.

99 in stock


99 in stock

Item Form Oil
Material Feature Natural/ Ayurvedic
Net Quantity 300ml 
Weight 0.390 kg
Dimensions 22.5 × 11.5 × 8 cm

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    Kumar Saharsh
    January 10, 2022
    "I have chronic neck pain, and this pain relief oil has become my go-to solution. It provides immediate relief and helps me relax. I love that it's made from natural ingredients."
    Kunjumol Jimmy
    January 9, 2022
    "Living with fibromyalgia is tough, but this pain relief oil has made a noticeable difference. It targets my widespread pain and provides a sense of relief and relaxation. I'm grateful for this product."
    SN singh
    January 8, 2022
    "This pain relief oil is a game-changer! I've tried many products, but this one stands out. It has a soothing effect and provides fast relief for my joint and muscle pain."
    Alquama Warsi
    January 7, 2022
    "I suffer from arthritis, and this pain relief oil has become an essential part of my daily routine. It helps alleviate my joint stiffness and inflammation, allowing me to move more comfortably."
    January 5, 2022
    "This pain relief oil has made a significant difference in managing my chronic pain. It has a long-lasting effect and allows me to carry on with my daily activities with minimal discomfort. I highly recommend it."
    SOMEONE :)
    January 4, 2022
    "As someone who deals with post-surgery pain, this pain relief oil has been invaluable. It helps me manage my discomfort and promotes faster healing. I wouldn't be without it."
    January 4, 2022
    "I've tried many products for my muscle spasms, but this pain relief oil is the most effective. It has a pleasant aroma and a gentle formula that provides quick relief. I'm impressed!"
    January 3, 2022
    "I've tried numerous pain relief oils, but this one really works. It has a calming effect on my nerves and helps ease my muscle soreness after intense workouts. Highly recommended for athletes!"
    January 3, 2022
    "I have chronic neck pain, and this pain relief oil has become my go-to solution. It provides immediate relief and helps me relax. I love that it's made from natural ingredients."
    January 1, 2022
    "I purchased this pain relief oil for my migraines, and it has been a lifesaver. It reduces the intensity of my headaches and provides a soothing sensation. I carry it with me everywhere I go."